I'm a programming noobie, been programming for only a couple months. The other day I had the idea to write a small application where it would minimize Skype automatically after a call was terminated or over. I have no experience using API so I've been doing my research on the Skype developer site and various other Google links for days but this all seems to be over my head. I understand that I need Skype to tell my application when the call is over and then Skype would use a command to tell Skype to minimize. I asked a couple people about this and they said that C++ wouldn't be good for this and to use VB.NET instead. Would an application like this be possible in C++? And how easy/hard would it be?

everything is possible... some just require more work than others...

but whoever told you to use VB.net was a good choice... although using C#.net would be even better.

good luck, and dont give up on the project

Does anyone here have experience working with Skype API? Do you have any code I could look at that would help me with this project? Even if it helps a little bit I would appreciate it. I can't seem to find much code in C++ to help me with this.