I just need to have a background image. And when I entered the download page at ITK these were the downloadable files: * ITK Software Guide 2.4.0 PDF (hosted at SourceForge)
* InsightToolkit-3.16.0.tar.gz (hosted at SourceForge)
* InsightToolkit-3.16.0.zip (hosted at SourceForge)
* InsightApplications-3.16.0.tar.gz (hosted at SourceForge)
* InsightApplications-3.16.0.zip (hosted at SourceForge)
* DoxygenInsightToolkit-3.16.0.tar.gz (hosted at SourceForge)
* DoxygenInsightToolkit-3.16.0.zip (hosted at SourceForge)
* CableSwig-ITK-3.16.0.tar.gz (hosted at SourceForge)
* CableSwig-ITK-3.16.0.zip (hosted at SourceForge)
Wich should I download, and how do I use them in c++?

Errhhh. This might sound a bit nooby but how do I use VTK. I've opened the program and it looked like some kond of CMD, but how do i use it in c++. It errors when defining the header files.

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