Hey all, i'm looking for some help/advise on how to tackel a piece of code i'm stumped on.

My project is in netbeans, GUI swing, JForm.
Ive made up all my gui appearance, i have a jtext box that shows the calculations of 3 other jtext boxes from a user's input, and a combo box that loads up a name. I'm trying to have the jtext box number saved into a name in the jcombo box.

My goal is to eventually load up a name, make the calculations and save them into an array, take the array and make more calculations than save the whole process into the loaded name. So advice is greatly appreciated.

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Every GUI component has some way to set and get content so I do no see problem there

JTextField field = new JTextField();
field.setText("This component");
JTextArea area = new JTextArea(field.getText());

You better post your code and explain on it where you having problems


I have no code on this matter, just basically a pseudo code on what i'm trying to achieve. Im stuck on this due to it being different cause i'm using the netbeans, gui swing, jfoms where it generates code, and seems tricky to link it all together with my code that works.

Ill try the idea you posted which is a helpful start for me to have actually code problem where one can see. Its basically trying to figure out where to start from and work from there. Thanks for the reply :)


There is a reason why people should learn first language and after that use tools help them with daily chorus...

As for where this fit, change from design view to code view and there place the method (exact position depends on existing logic in that class)

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