I am using RDLC in my reports.Can someone tell me the syntax for
IF THEN ELSE statement in RDLC?
I want to write else if loop in my expression.
Thnx in Advance

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Thnx for the reply.But I want the syntax for else if loop.My case is I have a field Marks.If marks >75 I want to display "Very Good", If 60<marks<74 display "Good",if 50<Marks<59 display "average".Hope u got what my requirement is.Please help me.

Open report property, select the code tab and add following code,

public Function Chk(n as integer) as string
  if n>80 Then
   return "A"
 if n>70 Then
   return "B"
if n>50 Then
   return "C"
  return "D"
end if
end if
end if
end function

Set value expression of a field,


Thnx for your help.It wrkd.

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