Hi, I'm writing a media player with wxPython and I seem to be having a bit of trouble. In my script, I create a wx.media.MediaCtrl widget; this line of code causes the trouble. On my Linux machine (running wxPython 2.8), this line of code causes no trouble at all. However, on my Windows Vista machine (also running wxPython 2.8), it causes all sorts of problems. Once the interpreter reaches this line in my code, it just quits. No error in the terminal. Nothing. I just get a little Vista box saying "python.exe has stopped working."

Even if I put a "try/except" statement around it, nothing changes. No error is raised at all.

What is causing this to occur on solely Windows? Both machines run the same versions of Python and wxPython...what is the problem here?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I can reproduce this error by running the following code:

import wx
import wx.media

myApp = wx.App()
mc = wx.media.MediaCtrl(None)

EDIT 2: Well, I think I've just about sorted it all out. On Windows Vista, if you create a wx.media.MediaCtrl widget, you MUST supply a parent, or you face the consequences. However, you are allowed to create it without a parent on Linux. Why is this?

Could be one of the many rather childish security features of Vista. That's why nobody likes this OS.