I want to implement this function:
boolean check(String str,String exp)
that gets a string, and an expression and see if it mathches.
But (!), according to a format by '*' (maybe similar to the SQL LIKE statement, but with * instead of %).
Examples of tests of this function that should work:

boolean b3=check("55-210.txt", "55*"); // starts with 55
boolean b5=check("f1.txt", "*.txt"); // ends with *.txt
b=check("897", "8*8*"); // 8...8...

I don't mind, and even prefer to use existing external jars that can help, like Jakarta RegExp, JOSQL, and such.

Thanks in advance

Have you tried if statement(s) trying to see if the expression contains a * (using substring) and then have a boolean like isAtFront that is true if the * is at the front and false if the * is at the back

actually you are right when there is only one '*', Maybe I will keep it simple, and implement it only for one.