I apologise to seemingly plague this forum with different problems but I'm stuck on another project.

I've a series of forms setup in my windows form application that deal with deliveries. I've made it so that one can add a new order, edit the order and delete the order. I do this by using an arraylist to store the data.

Now I've got to create a report that shows all the details of the order. I decided to use a datagrid (may not be the best decision) to display the contents of the arraylist. I've gathered from research that I need to bind the arraylist to the datagrid with it's datasource but I can't figure how. I also then need to add new rows for each element within the arraylist.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated,

Ok I've managed to do it myself with one easy piece of code so this I'll consider solved, thanks for looking if anyone did.

I'm sure there are far more complex and efficient and functional means of accomplishing but hey, if it works don't fix it. =]