Hi everyone,

i'm a final year student doing this project on rfid recognizing system. i'm using a rfid reader with smartcards and vb.net as the software platform for this project.

1. i need a help on how to do coding in vb.net(i'm using 2005).
in my system, i'm using hyperterminal to open port for serialport communication and the data received from a smartcard thru its reader will appear in a serialport monitor. the card's data appears in d serialport monitor if the port is called in hyperterminal bt not in the vb. i want to know how to get hyperterminal wrks in vb wit a button. previously my port button..

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
        If Button1.Text = "Port Select" Then
            cmdPortSelect.Enabled = False
            SerialPort1.PortName = cmdPortSelect.Text
            Button1.Text = "Close Port"
            If Button1.Text = "Close Port" Then
                cmdPortSelect.Enabled = True
                Button1.Text = "Port Select"
            End If
        End If
    End Sub

bt this is not wrking in serialport monitor. i want to know how this button1 to wrk as the hyperterminal call button.

2. i want to know how to make the data appear in the vb form, in its own textbox, and if possible to diplay as a messagebox if this data enetred in the system.

need help as soon as possible...thanks in advance, deepa :)

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according the other sources in the internet..vb cant work with hyperterminal but can work as hyperterminla. istead of using my previous coding 2 open port, i had refered to another link,(attached below). This link solves the problem for serialport users with vb.net. hope this could help others later. thank you very much for the consideration. http://www.innovatic.dk/knowledg/SerialCOM/SerialCOM.htm

but still i want to know anyone got any idea how to make only 1 array of code to appear at one time in a textbox. :)

thnk you.

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