May please one of you explain me what the hell are these sucking error messages and how can they be fixed that the sucking DevCPP compiler generates out for no reason which I have been trying to solve for two entire days?

[Linker error] undefined reference to `wglCreateContext@4'
[Linker error] undefined reference to `wglMakeCurrent@8'

The use help file of the program gives no valueble info about these. Please one of you help me before driving the nuts!

Are you sure that you link with OpenGl correctly ?

try to add "-lopengl32" in the "project/project options/parameters/linker" dialog box.

Compiler has a sample program which uses the same function in the same way. It doesn't give any errors.

Yes. I see what you mean. Create a sample OpenGL project (that compiles) and have a look at the compiler settings (menu Project/project options/parameters).
Maybe you forgot to copy these settings in your own project.

OK, thanks, I will give it a try.