following is my API

public unsafe static extern int SAP_GetDeviceList(int SAPIdentifier, 
ref uint DeviceCount, 
out sSAPP_DiscoveredDeviceInfo_t[] rgDiscoveredDevs 

sSAPP_DiscoveredDeviceInfo_t is a structure

how do i call this api?? how should i declare rgDiscoveredDevs this varible and of wht type so that i can call above API?

iResult = SAP_GetDeviceList(SAPId, ref nDevCount, ref rgDiscoveredDevs);

above API in C

SAPAPI int32_t SAP_GetDeviceList( int32_t SAPIdentifier, 
uint32_t * DeviceCount , 
sSAPP_DiscoveredDeviceInfo_t rgDiscoveredDevs[]