Im trying to use a listBox to search some objects, it then adds the object to the listbox if it meets the condition. So far i have this.

foreach (Order ord in Form1.cutomerArray)
                Order searchCust = (Order)Form1.cutomerArray[i];
                if (searchCust.FirstName.ToLower() == txtFirstName.Text.ToLower())//if match is found
                    lstbSearch.Items.Add(searchCust);//add object to search box

This works fine but it just shows the form name and class name.

Is it possible to still add the object to the listBox but change what is shown.

I need to add the object as later i get the cutomer number from that object.


>This works fine but it just shows the form name and class name.

Override ToString() method of Customer class.

public class Customer
    public int ID { get; set; }
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public override  string ToString() { return Name; }
List<Customer> cust = new List<Customer>()
                new Customer(){ ID=1,Name="A"},
                new Customer(){ ID=1,Name="B"}
            foreach (var t in cust)

Thats great, it works.

One more thing.

Is it possible to display more than just the first name? Ive tried putting

return Name,secondname;

and a couple of other ways but nothing worked.

Do you have to create a variable or something and then return the variable string?


Might have found it on google, will check later