I need to pass a 2D array of int's into a function, which is normally fine, but the issue is that I don't know the last depth of the array. I know how to do it if I knew the length of the last dimension, but it is user defined. How can I do it? Also, I can't use the vector class :( Thanks in advance

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Since the array is user defined you must be declaring the array using dynamic memory and storing the user input as variables. Try passing the array as type int** in addition to the variables containing the user's input.


Thanks, but I'm not sure how to get it to work. I have a variable, n, which is both the length and width of the array. I'm pulling information from the file, which I need to put into the array (probably in nested for loops). Then I need to pass the 2D array into a function that will rotate the array and return the rotated 2D array. I have the rotation function working, but I don't know how to initialize the 2D array, pass it as a function, and return a different array. I need code for it because I don't understand the syntax for arrays very well.


Well if you showed us how you declared and initialised your array, then we could tell you how to pass it to a function.

Hint: just copy/paste the original declaration into your function prototype.


Here is my declaration:

int** b;
	b = new int*[n];
	for (int row = 0; row < n; row++)
		   b[row] = new int[n];
		   for (int col=0;col<n;col++)

I would just like to test this out with them all being 0. I could add in my code to read from the file but I want to just get this working, since I can do the rest by myself. Also, thanks all for helping with this

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