i am using visual studio 2008 standard edition,
how can i add a calender control to the datagrid view, can someone please help me

in advance

what should i do after adding the class CalendarColumn to the project??
please can u give an answer.


Use this code in Form_Load after that:

CalendarColumn col = new CalendarColumn();
        this.dataGridView1.RowCount = 5;
        foreach (DataGridViewRow row in this.dataGridView1.Rows)
            row.Cells[0].Value = DateTime.Now;


hey the code u have posted is to display the datatime in the datagrid view, right?
what i want is a calender icon so that the user can select any date.
please can u tell me how to do this.
thnkx in advance...

hey thankx farooqaaa,
first i hace to add the Calender column (without the form code)which i in the link u have provided and them add the code u have posted later in the form load event, i am rignt?

and also i have to question can u please help me???

Question 1:

and also when selecting the data from the calender column, the user has to double clil on it to select for a data, how can i make the calender icon open in one click on the cell???

Question 2:
and also how can i get the value of one cell(date time type) to a string varialbe?

appriciate if u could help me with this also ,

Answer 1: Add a CellClick event to the datagridview and use this code:


Answer 2: You can use many methods to convert it to string. Use:

....and others

Use the one that suits you.


hey thanx again,
question in answer 2:

is it like this:
String a = dgvDAction[2].ToShortDateString();

please can you specify this clearly, i am not good in C#.


is there any way i can show the calendder icon close to the datagridview cell when the cursor moves across it???
please give me an answer someone please.

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