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where is the program ??

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theres a reason why the OP is downvoted to -6 : nobody cares, and you have nothing to add.

You know what, one could start a Hall Of Fame for such posts like Bash
We could show the new users what type of posts not to make.


I think people downvoting him in this thread were a little harsh. Perhaps he made a mistake and forgot to put the rest of the program there. Perhaps he figured it out and didn't bother to check up on this thread.

If he asked you to do his program for him downvote him into oblivion but it seemed like an innocuous enough question and it looks like a posting mistake. Jumping on him like that makes daniweb look like a cantankerous bunch of grumps. You don't want that, do you?

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who asked you?

I agree Acrimonus, but it is assumed that before a new user posts, he or she has read the forum rules. But even after such precautionary measures, if the user commits such a mistake, he's bound to get jumped upon.
And these guys are losing patience after seeing such posts cropping up daily. Even I was chided during my first visit here :)

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Hah, as was I, it was none other than WaltP who did it too, as if that is surprising :icon_wink:


If @selviManoharan finds that he/she need still some help than is more then welcome to post in new thread and I really hope it would be proper post.

Since discussion is going off topic, I'm closing this thread

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