I want to know which command do u use to execute a .exe file from a server machine so that it gets installed on all the connected client machine using perl script.

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You need to be more detailed. In general, you can execute executables with backticks. E.g.

`dir /p`

There isn't just some "command" in the Perl language that does what you want, though.

Not only backticks, but also the command "system" works to execute external files.... you could also use an open command, and open the process with a pipe, but I'm not sure exactly what you mean about having 1 script run the same file on a bunch of machines... if you could be a little more specific it would help a lot.

i found out that there is a command called rshell for remote execution,but it is specific to unix.can anyone let us know how and from where to download the rshell for windows and also the synatx how to use it.

Search on CPAN.

It sounds to me like you're going to need some program running on the client machines, unless you plan on poking through a Windows security hole.

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