Is there anything im doing wrong?

void SaveProxies()
            string[] items = new string[Proxies.Items.Count];
            Proxies.Items.CopyTo(items, 0);
            string saveValue = string.Join(",", items);
            Share_Cash_Downloader_v0._2._9._5.Properties.Settings.Default.Proxies = saveValue;

        void LoadProxies()
            string[] items = Share_Cash_Downloader_v0._2._9._5.Properties.Settings.Default.Last.Split(',');
            foreach (string str in items)

I use LoadProxies to load the save, from the settings.

then to save I use SaveProxies, to save to settings.

You are making 2 mistakes. Firstly, you didn't save the Settings. Add this to the SaveProxies() method:


Secondly, you are loading the wrong settings. You are loading "Last" instead of "Proxies". Replace it:

string[] items = Share_Cash_Downloader_v0._2._9._5.Properties.Settings.Default.[B]Proxies[/B].Split(',');


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