Hi i'm a new student in java and would appreciate anyone helping me get through.
I do not want you to do my work because that won't help me get through the next and next assignments
however I would appreciate your help putting me on the right track such as how to start etc.

To use the "speed dial" feature of your home phone you must first store each of the phone numbers that you wish to use. Each phone number is accessed by entering the speed-dial number, from 0 to 9, used for storing the number. Write a program that will help you remember who's phone number you have stored with each speed dial number. Your program must use an array to store the list of names. The user enters a number from 0 to 9 and is shown the name of the person that would be called if you entered that speed dial code into the phone. Store the data from the array in a sequential file. Use the following menu in your program:
Enter Speed Dial Data
Speed Dial Search
Exit Program

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Well since the numbers are from 0 to 9, then you can use array of 10 elements:
Contact [] conts = new Contact[10];

So if you "press" the 5 on your phone device then you will get the number:

If you want to store a number at the 8th digit of your phone device then:
conts[8] = new Contact("Name", "phoneNumber")

So create a class Contact (you may choose another name)
Have attributes name and number and you are set.

Search this forum for examples on how to create a menu. Declare the array and

When the user wishes to enter data, ask the position the name and the phone number and put them into that position. (remember the position of array is the phone digit on the device 0-9 array[10])

If the user wants to see the number ask to enter the speed-dial digit which in your case would be the index of the array and print its elements.

If the user wants to search then ask for the name and loop the array until you find a mach with that name and print the data of that contact.

Leave saving for last. Deal with it when you are done with the above.

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