I was wondering, once you have created a system and now ready for use, how do you intergrate it with existing database

Can you be a little bit more specific? What kind of system have you created? Where the database is located (f. ex. on a remote server or you simply have the file with the database)? etc.

i had created a windows application in c# for a company's system that was containing 3forms....i am now through with coding...wat is the next thing i do

i currently know nothing about sql....is that wat is needed for me to continue.......am asking this because in the window forms, data entered has to be saved....the data clerk enters data from a number of forms.once she is through with one entry, she needs to save the details and enter new data from another form.

well u need a database, Oracle, mySql, MSSQL, MS Access, etc
All have cons and pros.

hi my dear software developers,
so i have come to accept that i have to learn databases....i got this book in google books...mastering c# database programming.
if you viewed this book i bet you will be at a place to answer my question...but all the same...the book says you enter the code where you are supposed to connect to database.
question is, do you put this code in the same forms i had or is it a new console application.

u can put the code in the same forms....

kindly assist me in understanding OLEDB and how to add OleDbDataAdapter in your application to control the database

Which Database have you decided on?

What version of MS Access and C# are you using?

I am using ms access 2007 and c# visual studio 2005....

i solved it by having a sql server and i can finally save all contents into the server.connection to the server databases is ok too.thanks for all the help

Good Choice.

How far along have you come in your project?