This is my first post here :)

I am doing a project on location tracking of people using C#

I have bought hardware (tags and readers) to implement the system. The tags will be carried by people and they will send the tag ID to the readers who are picking them up.

In c# to determine which reader picked up the nearest signal of the tag I am sorting a list.

I am using a background worker to read the data from the readers every 3 seconds.

Now on to my problem. The system text based is working fine, however I want to represent the data visually.

So I have a picture box and I uploaded a Floor Plan map on it. So I want to draw circles on the picture box and make them move according to coordinates. Multiple tags will have to move in multiple directions. However this part I can't do it.

Any hints on how to tackle this? I managed to make it work for one tag (meaning one circle - although I doubt the method used is efficient enough) but when plugging in two or more tags, multiple circles aren't being drawn.

My final goal is something like this:
but without the trailing lines.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

Sorry for bumping,

but any ideas on this? On how to move more than one shape in different directions?

I really can't get around it.

Any help or hints are appreciated.