I have a search functionnality in my webapp that is looking in a few different xml for the ids im searching for. (I can search for a range, or different values). After search is completed it returns me a bunch of objects that I can click on and it will open up a new tab (with different url) and it will show up the appropriate information, passing that specific id as a parameter (querystring).

Now what im doing is adding a next and previous features within the new tab that has been created so they dont need to go back and open a new tab in the search results.I'm currently building an ordered xml structure that the nxt and previous can use.

The problem is I don't want to save that xml on the server and overload the server with xml files because of the multiple search requests.
I do not seem to be able to create a new cookie and use it because it's a different page and of course I cannot pass it as a query string because it looks suspicious to .NET and I need a fairly clear url because this url will be used by users.

My main interface is all called through ajax which means the url is always the same except when I open that new specific tab.

Which method should I use to pass this xdocument?

Thanks for your help, im out of ideas!

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>Passing Data to another page without post

I guess, your application is web (it should be at asp.net forum).

....without postBack or post method?

You can pass data from one page to another page through client (web-browser) Javascript (open(), and operner property).


Why not create the search results in a database and cache the results for the life of the session? If your source data is updated then you can invalidate the current cache and regenerate it.

I'm still not clear on what your problem is exactly though. Could you explain it a little more?

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