i have *.exe file which is written in C.....when i run this exe file, console window opens even though i have not given any thing to print on console...the .exe file performs file reading and writing operations....now how to i close the console window automatically....i dont want to hide....i am using turbo C++ 4.5 compiler.. plz help...thanks in advance

Unless you specifically pause execution or ask for input at the end of the program, the window should close on its own. However, some IDEs pause the window for you as a development convenience.

I suspect you shouldn't need to worry about it, but how are you running the program?

There are only two possibility that your program does not close by itself.
1. You are running in Debug from IDE and the IDE prevents the console from closing
2. Your program is in an infinite loop

Just build a release version of your program and run the built exe. You will be able to verify if your console closes on its own. If that fails, post your code here for us to study.