i'm new to c++ and i'm trying to make some demos application
now i'm buildin an application that use http connection to make http request and get a return value from URL
example: use http://www.mywebsite.com/somthing.aspx

this URL should returm a simple string value
how i can read this value??

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When you have sent the HTTP request the data returned to you will be some headers followed by the contents of your page.

It will all be text and for now you can probably treat it as ASCII encoded text although strictly speaking HTTP can use a wide variety of text encodings.

Every header will be on a separate line, there is a list of possible headers here and every response will contain at least one header.

Following the last header there is a blank line before the start of the content.

So to find your content, the simple string, just read what is sent to you discarding everything until you get a blank line and the keep the rest.

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