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I need an approach for my new assignment.Thought a lot but could'nt find an approach so posting it in this site hoping that someone might have come accross this situation and can suggest me something :-)

I have a console application that downloads images from IP cameras (say cctv cameras in shoping Malls) as per the time specified in Database.
I am using windows service with a timer for initial POC.
I will try to explain the scenario for which I am not finding an approach:

Say I have four cemaras
1. Camera1
2. Camera2
3. Camera3
4. Camera4

Now as per the database records, I have to capture the image at exactly 7 AM in the morning for all the cameras.
Now my windows service can have one call at a time. If I loop through and call the request for camera1 first then I will get the 7 AM picture frame(image) for camera1. But till the request comes for camera4 the time will be different and I will not be able to capture image for camera4 at 7 Am, may be I will get the image of 7.05 AM.

I cannot create 4 windows service as how many cameras will be there is decided by the records in the database which I have to read dynamically, So there may be more then 4 cameras or even less then 4.

So my question is how can I have a 4 or even more calls simalteniously and get the picture frame of the specified time ?? There may be 100 cameras as well :-(

Hope I am able to explain the situation. Please let me know if you have come accross this kind of problem and have some idea about the solution.

Thanks & Regards,

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hmm most IP cameras have settings that let them take picture or recording at certain times. Just use the software provided to get the images in a certain folder. Then let your software take it from there, even if it take an hour, your 7 A.M. pics will be 7 A.M. as per the camera settings.

Maybe multithreading would help. Loop through database records and start a new thread for each request you have to do.


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