The assignment is as follows:

Write an original program with a theme of a family vacation.
The name of the class containing the main method should be VacationXXX.
There should be at least four classes.
Use a menu with a switch statement to provide a menu of options to call the classes you need to output the desired information you wish to output.
One class should use constructors to describe people who went with you on the vacation.
One class should receive arguments from the program class and calculate what it cost to take the vacation.
One class should describe what you did on the vacation and where you went.
Your project should also include a loop, an if statement and a for statement.

I don't even know how to begin!!! Please help, ASAP.


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I don't even know how to begin!!!

Or do you not want to begin? :eek:

I guess he doesn't know what he knows, therefore doesn't know whether he wants to start :cheesy:

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