I installed J2EE SDK in windows 7 machine. But I can't seem to find the location of quite a things. In the J2EE tutorial, they mention there is something called J2EE_HOME. I don't seem to find it. There was a previous installation of J2SE sdk in program files. That is still there. But no sign of J2EE sdk. Moreover in the start menu there is one menu called J2EE 6 SDK and when I expand it, I see a couple of menu items each pointing to the glassfish3 directory. So anyone would conclude that j2ee sdk home means glassfish3 directory. This is awful because the whole things make things completely confusing. J2EE sdk is supposed to consist of a couple of things like derby database, application server. But if they mean glassfish3 to be J2EE sdk home then this makes it very funny. Also the tutorial refers to derby datbase. J2EE_HOME\derby\. But in glassfish3 directory I couldn't find any directory called derby. Does any one know how to deal with this massive degree of confusion?


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