Hi....I am very new in perl and maybe My question can be very simple...I created hash of hash and I filled it..

But I cannot access any element of it...This is a part of my code;;

%doclen=($putword=>{id => $words[2]});

Can somebody write any sentensize to access any element of ths hash of hash?...


Getting the elements from a has within a hash is fairly easy. I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do here. More information would be helpful.

$foo{a}->{c}="a string";

print "$foo{a}->{a}\n";
print "$foo{a}->{c}\n";

a string

Here's an approach using you code:

%doclen=($putword=>{id => $words[2]});

print "$doclen{hello}->{id}\n";


BTW, you might check out the code I wrote on the thread "Integrate over two different range and subtract the results of integration and save" and see how I store a hash inside another hash and then passed a reference to a subroutine that dereferenced it. There is a lot of data structure stuff in that script and I think it can help with the idea of a hash inside a hash.


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