Write the ideal weight calculator so that height in inches is entered by using a slider. Use the approximate formula:
W = H2 / 30 , for female

W = H2 / 28 , for male
where W is the ideal weight in pounds, H is the height in inches
Set an action command for each radio button using setActionCommand(String) just as for push buttons. Add an action listener for each button using addActionListener(). Add a change listener for the slider using addChangeListener(). The ideal weight should be displayed in a text field when the user changes either a radio button or the slider.
Pick initial settings for the buttons and slider. When the program starts up display the ideal weight for those settings.

Sounds trivial, can't see how you'd have trouble implementing that (apart from the formulae being utter PC nonsense, but that doesn't make implementing them in code any harder, in fact it makes it easier as reality is a lot more complex than that).