hi guys,

i am planning to undertake a massive project which would be something to do with wii remote as i am aware the wii remote communicate with the console or computer via blue-tooth. i was wondering what sort of data wii remote sends back to the computer or a console and weather or not the data received can be manipulated with Java and if it can be manipulated by java how would the data be accessed??

i hope someone can help me or point me to the right links that would explain this to me
thank you

Nothing to do with Java, to tell you the truth. The signal that the Wii uses, and what (and how, i.e. in what form) data is transmitted/received over that signal is what's at issue, and that is completely language independent.

Try to find the signal, then read the bytes from it, and study those. If it's bluetooth, its bluetooth, so get yourself a bluetooth adapter for your pc, and see if you can "hack" into the signal.

thanks for your reply so as i understand it doesn't matter what language it will be used to manipulate the data that the blue-tooth signal transmits.
do you know any examples or tutorials where anybody hacks in to the signals and uses its data ? i already been able to find the wii remote with my computers blue tooth adapter all i need to do now is be able to use that data.

And, are you able to "connect" to the device? If you can't do that there is no need to go any further. Then, once you can, simply open the stream, read a fair amount of the bytes (simply use the read(array) method) and write those to disk somewhere, than start to study the data (probably with a hex editor first). Once you know what is sent on the signal, and how it is sent, you can start to manipulate it. All of that (except for the specific read method mentioned) is also language independent. You might try Google to see if anyone else has already done some part (or all of the above) already and posted their findings. That way you can cut out some of your own time. Otherwise, you are in for some long nights.

thanks a lot guys this is very helpful appreciate your help