Answered my own question. Wish I could figure out how to delete this post.

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So, what was your questions and what was your answer?
Maybe other people can learn from your skills.


Well, I deleted it as I was embarrassed as soon as I figured out the issue. I had to create some matrices, so I was using a list. It was comprised at the most of single and double digit integer values. Now, I could certainly list it on one line, however, they were large and readability would have gone out the window. So I wrote it multi-line, like a matrix. So the columns would line up, I prefaced the single digit integers with zero, for visual readability. It didnt register that I was indicating an octal number, hence I would get an error if I wrote 08, or 09. It took a few minutes after posting on Dani to realize what the issue was. It was a great lesson reminding me to spend some time logically working through the [simple] issue before posting a thread for help.

For reference, I would have something like this:

List = [ 54, 26, 28, 08, 13, 09, 23, 09, 85, 12,
         21, 23, 01, 04, 23, 05, 23, 06, 65, 23,
         77, 43, 00, 23, 04, 07, 09, 45, 54, 23 ]
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