Is there anyway, I can have my richtextbox display this character("•") with it showing the box like shape(when the richtextbox doesnt know how to read the character)?

Well first of all what character is that?

? It is one of those press a combo of button of keys

hmm try

char c = Convert.ToChar("•");
RTB.Text += c;

where shall I drop that code?

Im using this code to get text, that has the "•"

void readrss()
                richTextBox1.Text = string.Empty;
                StreamReader x = new StreamReader(WebRequest.Create("").GetResponse().GetResponseStream());
                richTextBox1.Text += x.ReadLine();
            catch { }

I could solve this for you but this is where programming comes into play.

This is where your logic comes into play.

Show me your thought process. give me your psuedo code.

How would I make it replace a character? All that does is add one, I need to replace a character?

hmm, Indexof(), Replace, and Substring() are your friend.

Would you be able to give me an example of replacing < with •


int Marker = yourstring.IndexOf('<');
char c = Convert.ToChar("•");
if (Marker != -1)
     yourstring = yourstring.Substring(0, Marker-1) + c + yourstring.SubString(Marker+1, yourstring.Length-Marker);

Not sure about the -1 or +1 test it out.

There is a error for SubString

EDIT: correction, its suppose to be Substring. fixed,.

EDIT 2: The < is still there, what should I do ?

Comon I gave you the clues.

Not sure about the -1 or +1 test it out.


label1.Text = label1.Text.Substring(0, Marker ) + c + label1.Text.Substring(Marker+1, label1.Text.Length - Marker-1);