AudioTrack sound = audio.createAudioTrack("ringout.wav", false);

is giving me the output "WARNING: Unable to locate: ringout.wav"

The sound file is in the same project folder that i am using..Anyone knows what i might be doing wrong in here? Thanks a lot.

What does the audio object's class's API doc say about that error message?
Is this a compile time or execution time error?

Your a little short on explaining what your doing.

I am trying to run some audio files in a game.

private void mySound() {
        AudioSystem audio = AudioSystem.getSystem();
        /** Create program sound */
        targetSound = audio.createAudioTrack("/ringout.wav", false);
        laserSound = audio.createAudioTrack("/start.wav",false);

and my exception line looks like this...i'm just wondering if I have a problem with the format while providing the file name. ( not that its relevant but incase u see it in the exception i am using JMonkey as a game engine..) thanks again
Exception in game loop
at hello3d.test.myJmonkeyTest.setupSound(

Exception in game loop
at hello3d.test.myJmonkeyTest.setupSound(

What is at line 167 in
One of the references in that statement is null? test or myJmonkeyTest

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