Hi I am working on a dice game.
I want to make a counter for the number of times the 2 dices roll and the output of the 2 dice.It should be something like this.

Roll#1 1 4
Roll#2 2 5
Roll#3 4 6
Roll#4 2 3

It can only roll 4 times. How do I do that? Please help. Thank you.
Do I need to use array? Or just counter?
I only have this
for(int i = 1; i <4; i++)

But it's not doing and printing out all the outcome of the roll.
I need to print out all 4 of the dice roll. Please help Thank you.

Do you have a design for the program yet?
Think like a computer and write down the steps one by one that you must do to solve this problem.
For resources: you'll need to use the Random class to generate numbers from 1 to 6.

Use: System.out.println("the message you want here");
to print out the results.