Hy I wanted to know what the best way is to program 3d in python without usin Blender. What I really want is to put my 3ds max object in a Python program.



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Visual Python (VPython) comes to mind. Here is an example ...

# use the curve function to draw a helix in space
# press the right mouse button to rotate the object
# experiments with visual Python (VPython) from: http://vpython.org/
radius is thickness
color (red, green, blue) color values 0.0 to 1.0 
default/white = (1,1,1)

import visual as vs

vs.scene.width = 500
vs.scene.height = 500
vs.scene.title = "curve draw helix (drag with right mouse button)"
# avoid autoscale (autoscale default=True)
vs.scene.autoscale = False

spring = vs.helix(pos=(0,2,1), axis=(7,0,0), radius=3)
# copper color
spring.color = (1,0.7,0.2)

I have used 3dmax for very many years,but i have not check if there any python libraries/api for python(mayby i should do that for i am big fan of both 3dmax and python)
3dmax has it`s one language called maxscript.
Here are some stuff that i have made in 3dmax.

You has off course blender as you mention,where python is the main language for blender api.

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Panda3D is the way to go. You just need to find an .egg exporter for 3Dmax; This will help you get started.

Then just load your exported models into panda3D.

If you haven't checked out panda3D yet look here.

I used to work with panda3d, but have moved on to the Unreal Engine. The UDK 3 is really impressive; and not hard to pick up. No python though; it uses whats called Kismet for its logic.

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