Hy I wanted to know what the best way is to program 3d in python without usin Blender. What I really want is to put my 3ds max object in a Python program.



Visual Python (VPython) comes to mind. Here is an example ...

# use the curve function to draw a helix in space
# press the right mouse button to rotate the object
# experiments with visual Python (VPython) from: http://vpython.org/
radius is thickness
color (red, green, blue) color values 0.0 to 1.0 
default/white = (1,1,1)

import visual as vs

vs.scene.width = 500
vs.scene.height = 500
vs.scene.title = "curve draw helix (drag with right mouse button)"
# avoid autoscale (autoscale default=True)
vs.scene.autoscale = False

spring = vs.helix(pos=(0,2,1), axis=(7,0,0), radius=3)
# copper color
spring.color = (1,0.7,0.2)

OK but can i load my own models in there??? Thank you

Definitely Panda3D.
Disney uses it.

Yeah Panda3D is definitely awesome, but never learned how to use it though.

I have used 3dmax for very many years,but i have not check if there any python libraries/api for python(mayby i should do that for i am big fan of both 3dmax and python)
3dmax has it`s one language called maxscript.
Here are some stuff that i have made in 3dmax.

You has off course blender as you mention,where python is the main language for blender api.

Panda3D is the way to go. You just need to find an .egg exporter for 3Dmax; This will help you get started.

Then just load your exported models into panda3D.

If you haven't checked out panda3D yet look here.

I used to work with panda3d, but have moved on to the Unreal Engine. The UDK 3 is really impressive; and not hard to pick up. No python though; it uses whats called Kismet for its logic.