i was woundeirng if anyone could help me with drawing a simple image perferably a .gif

thank you.

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I'd be happy to, first you'll need to start up your favorite image editing software...

Seriously, did you honestly think that C or C++ had a built in capability to do this?

#include <image.h>

int main ( void )
  draw_image ( ".gif" );
  return 0;

Sorry, you're dealing with low level languages that use libraries for any extra functionality. You need a library that lets you work with images, which means you need to tell us what operating system you're using, what compiler you're using, and a rough estimate of how newbish you are so that we can tailor the answer to your capabilities.

Graphics in general are a complicated area, but if you want to know how to avoid the library entirely, you can surf over to www.wotsit.org and read up on the GIF file format.

well i didnt realy me to draw it but to simply add a exicting image tot he screen, so i could start makeing the basics of a simple 2d game.

i am useing ,the c++ visual basic compiler, windows xp,and am fairly noobish, btu i cna do all the basicls stuff, but i know how to do this stuff in java, (my school wont teach c++, or any other lauange thats wort anything) , however i dotn want to make a game in java....

also if c++ dosent have this abbilty what launge dose, (perferable the easyest one so i dont have to go learning to much other stuff)

and sorry for my bad spelling.

>well i didnt realy me to draw it but to simply add a exicting image tot he screen
What do you think drawing is? You want to draw an exciting image to the screen. I recommend you start here. Graphics in C++ are not trivial, and you don't strike me as a seasoned programmer.

>btu i cna do all the basicls stuff
Apparently proofreading is not one of your strong suits. I can't imagine how long it takes you to debug your syntax errors.

>also if c++ dosent have this abbilty
*sigh* C++ can do anything your little mind might dream up. However, it doesn't do everything natively, so you have to find a library that does what you want, or write a library that does what you want.

First of all please excuse his spelling, I cannot get him to correctly spell anything and it drives me crazy. As for our practice in programming we have been in high school classes of JAVA for two years now. We've successfully made a game of pong and pacman, but that's not saying much.

OS: Windows XP Prof.
Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

Maybe that will clear things up a bit more for you.

[edit] found out you can....

and i would also like to add that when i take my time , i can type quite good.

>Maybe that will clear things up a bit more for you.
What's there to clear up? I've answered the question, but neither you nor your friend seem capable of understanding it. In C++ you need a library, I've given you a simple library to start with because you seem to lack the skills necessary to use a more powerful library at this time.

>i can type quite good.
quite well.

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