I am new to perl...I have a file in which sections are seperated by "//************************************************"

How can i search for the asterisk character using regular expressions?

open(IN, "<$inFile")
while (<IN>)
        if (/^\/\/**/)           #here is the error..search for multiple '*' character
            print "Seperater found"

pls help me ...

I pasted some text into the __DATA__ section at the end of my script for convenience but the following will work just as well if you read from a real text file.

use strict;
use warnings;

sub is_separator {
    my $line = shift; #Assign passed argument to variable
    if ($line =~ m{^\/\/(\*)+}) {
        return 1; #Return true value
        return 0; #Return false value

while (<DATA>){
    if (is_separator($_)){
        print "Line number $. is a separator.\n";
        print "Line number $. is not a separator.\n";
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While you want to search the meta characters, you will use the quotemeta function.

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