I really do apologize but I didn't know what part of the forum to post this in, and tutorials didnt have a post new thread link. But I noticed most beginners are still trying to understand how file processing works, streaming I/O to a file, read/write etc. So I wrote a sample program for their benefit if they want to see how it works. So I truly hope this helps and again I truly am sorry if this is in the wrong area.

// Stream Write.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.

#include "stdafx.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <conio.h> // uses _getch() to pause at end of program/ program will not exit
#include <fstream> //file ifstream ofstream processing
#include <cstdlib>

using namespace std;

	char fName[32];
	char lName[32];
	char mName[32];
	char catenate[64];

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
	//Simple Input Output
	cout << "    First Name: "; cin >> fName;
	cout << "     Last Name: "; cin >> lName;
	cout << "   Middle Name: "; cin >> mName;

	strcpy_s ( catenate, fName );
	strcat_s ( catenate, " "   );
	strcat_s ( catenate, lName );
	strcat_s ( catenate, ", "  );
	strcat_s ( catenate, mName );

	cout << "\n\nYour Full Name: " << catenate << endl;
	cout << endl << endl;


	//Simple File Stream -> Writing to the file
	//Write 1st: First Name
	//Write 2nd: Last Name
	//Write 3rd: Middle Name
	//Write 4th: Whole Name

	char flName[32];
	cout << " Enter a file name: "; cin >> flName;
	strcat_s (flName, ".txt" );  //Catenate '.txt' to flName
	ofstream ofile( flName ); //Stream out to file
	if ( ofile.fail())
		cout << "Failed Opening File!";

	//Spit out Users input into the file!

	ofile << " First Name: " << fName    << "\n";
	ofile << "  Last Name: " << lName    << "\n";
	ofile << "Middle Name: " << mName    << "\n";
	ofile << "  Full Name: " << catenate << "\n";

	//Close the output stream

	cout << endl << endl;
	cout << "File Write Process Completed!" << endl;
	cout << endl;


	//Simple File Stream -> Reading from the file
	//Read 1st: First Name
	//Read 2nd: Last Name
	//Read 3rd: Middle Name
	//Read 4th: Whole Name
	ifstream ifile( flName ); //Stream from file to screen/display
	if ( ifile.fail())
		cout << "Failed Opening File!";

	//Pull out Users input from the file onto the screen/display!

	string dispNewLine;
	while (! ifile.eof())
		getline( ifile, dispNewLine );
		cout << dispNewLine << endl;

	//Close the input stream

	cout << endl;
	cout << "File Read Process Completed!" << endl;


	cout << "(O) - Open File or Exit - (E)" << endl;
	cout << "Option: "; char choice; cin >> choice;

	switch (choice)
		case 'O':
		case 'E':
					return 0;
		case 'o':
		case 'e':
					return 0;
					cout << "Incorrect Key, try again" << endl;


	cout << endl;

	_getch(); //From <conio.h>
	return 0;

Why are you using c functions in c++ code? Also you are mixing strings and char arrays. Is there a reason for that? Lastly you should not use eof() for you while loop. Just use your getline staement for your while condition.

Im just going by how the book taught me, I have been using Oriely c++. Most of it was from school too, I only use that because that is how I was taught, the only way I could better understand the syntax of how things work.

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