hello guys,

I am trying to add the harvest plugin and do a checkout using that via cruisecontrol, this is how i have written the config.xml file


  <project name="harvestTest" buildafterfailed="false">

    <plugin name="Harvest" classname="net.sourceforge.cruisecontrol.sourcecontrols.AllFusionHarvest" />
    <plugin name="harvestbootstrapper" classname="net.sourceforge.cruisecontrol.bootstrappers.AllFusionHarvestBootstrapper" />


    <!-- Bootstrappers are run every time the build runs,
        *before* the modification checks -->
    <!--<antbootstrapper anthome="apache-ant-1.7.0"  target="clean" />-->
    project="Accrul 8.10.0" 
    viewpath="\Accrul 8.10.0\accrulCORE" 
    process="Checkout for Browse" 

    <!-- Defines where CruiseControl looks for changes, to decide whether to run the build -->
   <modificationset quietperiod="10">

     <Harvest  username="ifs01" password ="harvest" broker="cmbdbapp08"  state="Implementation" project="Accrul 8.10.0"/>

    <!-- Configures the actual build loop, how often and which
         build file/target -->
    <schedule interval="10">
      <ant buildfile="C:/CruiseTest/binary/checkout/accrul/source/accrul/build.xml"/> 

    <!-- directory to write build logs to -->
            <merge dir="projects/${project.name}/target/test-results"/>

    <!-- Publishers are run *after* a build completes -->  
           <!-- <onsuccess>
                <artifactspublisher dest="artifacts/${project.name}" file="projects/${project.name}/target/${project.name}.jar"/>
            </onsuccess> -->
            <!--email mailhost="smtp.corpnet.ifsworld.com" returnaddress="cc@mydomain.com"
        skipusers="true" spamwhilebroken="true">
    <always address="miraj0072004@hotmail.com"/>
    <always address="gayan.jayasinghe@ifsworld.com"/>
    <failure address="mohajireen.miraj@ifsworld.com"/>
    </email> -->



when i run the cruisecontrol.bat the connection to the repository is made successfully but it fails to check out the files that I need and gives an error as

[cc]Jul-02 04:54:53 stBootstrapper- E0309001f: ERROR: Invalid Version List.

I don't seem to be able to find the reason for this.

can anyone please help? thanks a lot

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This isn't an XML related issue. I think you need to talk with CruiseControl experts, or someone who knows the Harvest plugin. If you find one here on this board it's just pure luck.

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