I have I program that makes text turn into int32. I would like to convert the int32 (int32 is inside the text box) to text. Any ideas? Nothing on google.

I'm confused...

>> int32 is inside the text box
>> I would like to convert the int32 to text.

are somewhat mutually exclusive.

If it's already within a textBox then it is already text... simply use

string myInt32AsText = textBoxName.Text;

Obviously somewhere else in your code the Int32 has already been converted to text (explicitly or implicitly) prior to being inserted into the textBox.

Hope this helps :) Please mark as solved if this resolves your issue.

Im using a .dll that makes the text to int32. The .dll deals with hex. I want to simply change a string which has int32 text to plain text.

either way, if you have a variable that is int32 and you want it as a string you can use:

string newString = Convert.ToString(int32Variable);

But as I said, any content of a textBox is already a string, therefor is a text value not an integer... so you should just be able to call textBoxName.Text to get your string value as it seems your .dll has already pre-converted the int32 value to a string in order to populate it into the textbox in the first place.

You can also use ToString()

You can also use ToString()

yes, you can, it's a matter of preference :)

You can certainly use int32VariableName.ToString() if it's not already in string form.

My point, however, was that it SHOULD be in string form already if it's contained in a textBox :twisted:

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