hello guys , i need your help
i dont know c# and i want to learn it but before that i want to know what i can do with c# so please guys tell me exactly what i can do with c# and can i create a full website with c# . i have asked my teacher about c# all what he said is that it is about the .NET stuff so please give me a full informations about c# and how to learn it i mean where can i get free books about c#

There is lots of information out there regarding C# as well as ASP.Net(C#) including tutorials and even classes you can take.

You say you asked a teacher about C# and all they told you was the .Net stuff... if that's the case you now know about the more common usage of C# coding in the workplace today. C# can also be used for desktop application development, however it's notably higher resource footprint over unmanaged code languages makes it somewhat less desireable for this.

What I recommend, look on msdn.microsoft.com, look on google.com, talk to your teacher again and if you're REALLY interested in learning C# or ASP.Net take a course in it.

Hope this helps :) Please remember to mark your thread solved when the issue has been resolved.

ok and then can i create a full website in c# or i can only create applications and i connect them with asp.net ?and if what i said is true then what type of programs i can connect with asp

You can create an entire website derived from C#/ASP.Net coding but you will need to have a strong working knowledge of HTML and possibly some of the other scripting languages out there like JavaScript and such to make some components work the way you want them to.

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