I am using wxDevC++, because I hate code::blocks and litecode doesn't do it for me, so the error I get when I try and compile is:

cannot find -lwxmsw28
ld returned 1 exit status
C:\Dev-Cpp\Makefile.win [Build Error] [Output/MingW/Project1.exe] Error 1

I've looked high and low, and I cannot find wxmsw28.lib or lwxmsw28 or whatever... I am begging you all, please help me! I am SICK of console programming, but have no resources to learn the Win32 API... And I want to do wxWidgets... But Please, please help me.



wxmsw28 is the name of the wxWidget 2.8 library for window... which is not included by default.

you may download it from here.

Hi there!

CrazyDieter I have the same problem, I've installed wxWidgets 2.8.11 - but it didn't work...

So what now ?

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