hello , i have an trouble in switching between graphics mode and text mode
i have an interface by using graphics mode and when you press in a key of it
will transfer to a window by text mode when this operation occur the dimension of
the second window is loosed or decrees (text widow)
please i want a solution

my question like this
I am writing a graphics application in Turbo C under DOS.In my application there are a number of captions and against each caption there are to be text box like windows to enter text and other information as follows:

Name : <Name Text Box>
Age : <age text box>

All this i am keeping in a reactangle ie. the main window. To write the captions i have used the outtextxy() function.For the text boxes i intend to use the window() function defined in conio.h.But to use the window function u have to switch from graphics mode to text mode ,and upon switching from graphics mode to text mode all the graphics disappear ie.the outline rectangle of my main window disappear. Is there any way around this problem? Can't we work in graphics mode and text mode at the same time without loosing the work already done?