I need to write a program for my intro class that counts the characters in book i must be able to enter at least 3 books. I can get 1 but when it get to the second it cannot open..help!

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>

using namespace std;

int main()
    ifstream in_stream;
    ofstream out_stream;
    int bookcnt=1;
    int books;
    int asciichar [223];
    char letter;
    char letters [100];
    int cnt;
    int value;
    int lettercnt;
    char book[50];
    for (cnt=0;cnt<=223;cnt++)
    cout<<"How many books would you like to input?";
    while (bookcnt<=books)
    cout<<"Enter file name of book "<<bookcnt<<":";
    if (in_stream.fail())
                         cout<<book<< " file could not be opened.\n";
                         exit (1);


line 11: initialize the variable to be 0, not 1. All arrays start counting at 0.

line 13: you can initialize that array to be all 0s when it is declared, elmininating the need for the loop on lines 22-25. int asciichar [223] = {0}; line 31: A for loop might work better there for(bookcnt = 0;bookcnt < books; ++bookcnt) If you want to leave the loop as a while loop then change <= to just <.

delete line 51 and use letter on line 52 instead of value. It is perfectly ok to use char data type to index into arrays because char is just a one-byte integer.

The reason you can't open the second book is because in_stream is still open for the first bok. call in_stream.close() then clear the eof error by calling in_stream.clear()

aaaaaahhh thank you... i guess i have been looking at it so long i missed that... i really appreciate it

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