Hi everybody
i spent the last few months playing with .NET(c#). i'm considering to do a project work using c#(.net) just for my own experience. so can any one help me to pick an interesting topic to work with.


Well it all depends on how advanced you are one we no that we might be able to give you some ideas... :cheesy:

I mean one with database features and windows forms


do you mind giving me your email add so that i can discuss with you about the project via emails?

no worries,
no virus will be sent to you :lol:

sorry nut i am not aconfratable givuing me email addy out its not that i dont trrust you but ne body can c it. i dont want spam /virus.

I don't know how simple/complex you're looking to get at this point, but if you're opting for simple, I'd suggest a contact management app.

i also agree withe above post.

hi i've sent the email to you but i think there's a failure notice... not sure if you received...
please reply..

sorry i haven't used this email ad in a while but now it is activated. can u please send it again?

i emailed again.. please check if you received already... thanks... and just give me a reply through email... thanks! =)


just to inform you that i've replied to your email already. take care! =)