HEEELLLLPPPP!.... i am stumped.... i am a student and have access to the server at my college.... on this server they have installed javac and i am running my java on vi text editor in a virtual server.


i can import all kinds of things... but i cant import java.util.Scanner; and when that is my only line of code i still get the Scanner object wont resolve. (of course my public static void main (String args[]) ) is in there but thats it i can not figure this out. i cant. i found one instance of the Scanner object on the java tm website but its not under classes... is the Scanner object deprecated and not in use.. is it not installed on the server at my college cuz other things run well.. any way... i am trying to work my way back up the java language eventually to graphics programming..

just a refresher course.

my code looks like this by the way cuz i know this helps

import java.util.Scanner;

class WhoCares
public static void main (String args[])

any guess..

im sure you guys know exactly whats going on

thank you so much

get the Scanner object wont resolve

Do you get error messages when you compile the code?
Please copy and post your error messages here.
Also show the code that gives the errors.

1. ERROR in test.java (at line 3)
import java.util.Scanner;
The import java.util.Scanner cannot be resolved

error message and line of code both

Not one line code. At least the first 5 lines.

Can you import other util classes? Try java.util.Timer or java.util.ArrayList

Well, it was a thought. Haven't got another one at the moment.

The error says: test.java (at line 3)
What code do you have at lines 1,2 ?
Have you posted the entire code?

What java version are you using? Scanner is available at 1.5 and later

that ended up being what it was.. my version is 1.4 thank you ecerybody