Hi all,

I am using Netbeans for Java and MySql to Store my Datatbase,

I get inputs from User and Encode the String input and Store the Data in my Database ,

My Problem is Some Strings are Stored as '??????' in my database.

I am using code for Encoding is

String psStringDsc = "áâãäåæçèéêëíìîïð ";
psStringDsc=new String(psStringDsc.getBytes("UTF-8"));

And Using Code

CAST(_utf8'"+psStringDsc + "' AS CHAR CHARACTER SET latin1) in Insert Query and Store the Data.

When I ran my Project in Windows Platform , It stored the Original values in Database, but i ran my Project in Linux Platform , it stored '?????' instead of Original value..

Can I do anything in my machine for character encoding?

Or How can i solve this Problem?

Thanks in Advance


Sorry for Replication ,

It is very urgency know, that is why i posted two times sorry