Hey well i am using microsoft visual c# 2008 professional edition and i seem to be having trouble using the cursor. The cursor i am using is one from axialis cursor workshop examples. it is a .cur and it does work as i have changed my windows default cursors to them. it is a colored cursor blue if you want to see it find it here
i have used various methods such as the msdn one

this.Cursor = new Cursor(GetType(), "a.cur");

and others but i just cant get it working instead i get this error

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

for other methods i get this

Image format is not valid. The image file may be corrupted.Parameter name:stream

i get that error from

Cursor.Current = new Cursor("a.cur");

Any help would be much appreciated thanks in advance!



To set the cursor image this is what I usually do and it works everytime:

IntPtr ptr = IMP.Properties.Resources.zoom_in.GetHicon();
Cursor c = new Cursor(ptr);
this.Cursor = c;

where the zoom_in is a bmp that i have saved in the resources of the project.


Hi thanks it does work but there is a problem with it. it doesn't work like a cursor as you need to move the WHOLE image over the component. is their anyway around this using a .cur/.ani instead of a .bmp?

thanks in advance


Does anyone else know how to use either a .cur or a .ani instead any help is MUCH APPRECIATED ?

Thanks in advance

Dear anyone viewing this post. this post has been solved in another thread please go here to find out the answer.

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