im juz learn C++ from C++ how to program , but i not really understanding in this section ,can someone explain and describe?..thx...

opss...sorry its C++ development environment i am not understanding about ,Preprocessor,Compiler ,linker , Loader ,CPU

> i am not understanding about ,Preprocessor,Compiler ,linker , Loader ,CPU

If you are just starting out, don't bother all that much about the gory details of what these different entities are right now. Just get a rough idea of what #include means, write the first hello world program, compile it and get it running, write a few more simple programs and so on. In due course of time, as you program, you would get to understand each of these.

Here is a simple tutorial: (simple, but just use it to get a rough idea; don't even try to digest all of it before you have written a few programs)

Something you could look at after a while:

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