Hello there,

Kindly seek your help with a C programming language program that:

1 Reads reads and modify a text fine called mydata.txt
2 In txt file, we must enter the following data : name surname telephone number like this: John West 6976688742
3 The program should be able to fuction the following commands by typing in command screen the following:
p = prints all the registered entries in text file
f West = prints all the line that has as surname equal to West
d West = delete the line that has as surname equal to West
i Peter Smith 69852147 = inserts new line in text file
q = stop the program and update the file with all the amendments that done

4 Print ascending order:
psn = prints in ascending order of names
pss = prints in ascending order of surnames

As i have no expirence with C, all recomendations would be highly appriciated.


Welcome to the forum, Pdoratis! ;)

The thing is, you NEED some experience with C, to work on a C program - that's the simple fact.

We won't just do your assignment for you - especially important is for YOU to put some effort into the start of the job. You know how it goes, a lot of people come here, just looking for free homework programming, and have no intention of working on it.

You need to start the program, and post the program, even if it's not done. Post it. Tell us where you're stumped - with logic or syntax, whatever.

THEN we can be a lot of help, AND you'll learn a lot more than by just having it done for you, without putting any work into the program.

The program you want will take a good deal of time for a raw beginner, so don't put it off.

It seems like a professional program.You are saying you don't have any experience with C,then how can you chose this program to complete.Are you a professional IT person.If it is ,no IT person will be there who doesn't know C.

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