So I have a program I need to make which involves an array. It builds fine and runs. Right now I just need to get the array to read in from file then print it on screen. But only a little over half the array prints (the last half). format of file is:
day/time/count of something
01 - 20:21 - 67
01 - 21:18 - 44
01 - 23:10 - 44
02 - 00:42 - 66
02 - 02:11 - 56
02 - 04:10 - 82

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <iomanip>
using namespace std;

const int a=477;
int i;
char filler;

class Pollution
	double count[a], day[a], time[a], hr, min;
	void print_data (),
		read_data (ifstream&);

class Analysis
	int maximum ();
	double average ();

void Pollution::read_data (ifstream& readfile)
	for (i=0;i<a;i++)
		readfile>> day[i] >>filler >>hr >>filler >>min >>filler >>count[i];
		time[i] = hr*100+min;

void Pollution::print_data ()
for(i=0; i<a; i++)
			cout<< day[i]<<":"<<time[i]<<":"<<count[i]<<endl;

int main()
	Pollution co2;
	ifstream infile ("C:\\pollution_level.txt");

	co2.read_data (infile);
	co2.print_data ();

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First, there is no reason to use global variables here. It is just a bad habit that will bite you at some point. Second, you are asking it to read 'a' lines (477). The example data you posted is only a few lines, so it just dumps a bunch of garbage. You should definitely read until the end of the file - not an arbitrary number of lines.

You could read all of the lines like this:

then use a std::stringstream to parse it.

Hope that helps,


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