I heard this forum was a wonderful place to ask programming related questions. So here I am, I'd like to know if anybody has a solution to a problem I'm having.

I'm currently planning on creating a game on Python, and I've decided to make use of a joystick in this particular game. I've downloaded/installed Pygame so that I may capture buttons and events from the joystick. The problem I'm encountering is obtaining the axis values from the motion sensing component within the PS3 6-Axis controller. I'd like to know if there is possibly an existing module I can use? Or even a native method of doing this in Python without any 3rd party programs? I am fully prepared to use any method possible no matter how daunting the task.

Lastly, If anyone happens to come across any 3rd party programs that are usable in python I'd truly appreciate it. As this would be my option if I am left with no other choices.

My plan is to use these values to control objects within my game.

I truly apologize for the long due response. This project was at a halt, and I have gotten rid of all previous code related to it. Mainly due to the fact that I had no idea in which direction I should turn. I tried Pygame. It was amazing learning Pygame, but it did not solve my problem. Pygame wasn't able to receive the values of the accelerometers inside of the controller. All hope seems to be lost on this subject, but if anyone has a solution, or a reference of where this may have been done before. It would really be appreciated. I may start looking into writing a C module. This may be the answer, {sigh} I really don't know. (My 4 most hated words)